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Among others products, GRAPHOMETRIE is the result of long studies and teamwork from:
Psychologists, Graphologists, Graphoanalysts, Psychologists for employment, Professors on differential psychology from several Universities in France and in Switzerland, Analysts and Computer Scientists, working together.

All Experts them'selves in theirs districts mobilized several years during for researches and development about the unrivalled production tool to analyse handwriting.
This tool is the revolution about the difficulties in work production for the professional graphologists and graphoanalysts.

PROGICOM France has been associated to unfortunate PROFESSOR Augusto VELS famous Grapho-Analyst reputed in Barcelone for statistics studies and researches on 5000 cases for 3 years to determinate the standard measures and to validate the applications.

Award for the best recruitment tool by the "GOLDEN SOFT" by Promo Soft Jury and has got a big number articles in special psychologists press, in human sciences press and computer press.

"GRAPHOMETRIE" is the name given to this tool for the analysis handwriting.
This new tool is bringing a new quality with regard about to, for a better approach and a real science consideration admitted.
It's the logic deduction with levelheadness by the statistics psychologics features, from registered observations.

This Approach is more objective about of personality, it ensure the different managers and human resources administration , a new exterior explanation, immediately and complementary strong founded the decisions for the personal in firm and business corporation.
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