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Top Niveau v5.0

TOP NIVEAU is a test which measures intellectual mobility
and the obstacles which prevent this ability from being flexible.
Potential users: young people from 14 to 24 whether at school or not , practical experienced people.

It pintpoints levels of understanding and logic.
Except what memory has already acquired
It detects the deep causes of the noticed lapses

This test consists of 8 different sub-tests, each of 12 questions with multiple-choice answers, in the following order:

    • word analogies,
    • proverbs,
    • vocabulary,
    • sorting into two groups.
    • numerical,
    • complex number,
    • odd man out,
    • differences

It lasts a total of 52 minutes with rest time possible between the sub-test.

  • end of year 8
  • end of year 10
  • end of upper sixth

On the one hand, to measure the degree of understanding and the degree of logic. On the other hand: to suggest suitable remedies.
To determine the weaknesses and strengths for each young people more effectively, from the primary phase to the apprenticeship level.


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