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Le Menon v5.0

Simple and effective, LE MENON enables one to have a good guide to the support needed by a candidate, because it detects right from the start: wow to view one's job, how to view responsibility, behaviour in relation to professional work.
Potential users:
Any applicant for a job or a position of responsibility.
Anyone wishing to know oneself better

This test consists of 91 questions, of which 20 correlated, with a time limit of 20 minutes. It is based on 10 criteria which are:

  • intellectual curiosity,
  • personal initiative,
  • ability to relate to others,
  • application,
  • respect for orders,
  • relationship with authority,
  • approach to work,
  • introversion / extroversion,
  • concentration,
  • attitude towards this test.

To determine:
The number of items varies according to the question, but there are no neutral or bad replies. Each reply relates to a different criterion.

As the test moves along, the software can also record the different choices made in similar situations and allocate marks, with reliability factor, given as a percentage, which should always be above 60 %.

Those percentages can be used to ask the candidate to account for differences and certain contradictions in scores obtained: such as 15 for "relationship with authority" (reliability 100 %) and 10 for "respect for orders" (reliability 60 %).


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