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Graphométrie v5.0

Award for the best recruitment tool
by the "GOLDEN SOFT" by Promo Soft Jury

GRAPHOMETRIE is a programme to analyse handwriting
based on 249 descriptive parameters and 2151 different values...

Based on a work of Augusto VELS and on statistics compiled from 5000 cases in 3 years, GRAPHOMETRIE was developed by a team of psychologists, graphologists and computer experts, led by Claude LETERME, Doctor in Human Sciences (Sobonne) and former personnel officer.

Reliable, precise, quick and comprehensive, GRAPHOMETRIE uses about 30 type codes:

  • creates charts with 3 entries:
             1. coefficients and levels, both positive and active
             2. Dominant characteristics
             3. sub-dominant ones and tendencies
  • Supplies as a prepared synthesis with graphics the profile of the writer and a study of appropriateness to a required profile. Thus, there can be a logical filing system
  • Enables on demand a re-examination of the analysis, by word-processing to make things keene

GRAPHOMETRIE has been adopted by professional recruitment


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