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Facteur G v5.0

FACTEUR G is a suite of 3 tests on intellectual potential:
- in verbal reasoning,
- in spatial reasoning,
- in logical reasoning
AIM: ascertain the intellectual mobility of a person
Potential users: any adult 18 to 50 men or women
from town or country.

Verbal reasoning

  • to evaluate intellectual mobility at a "verbal" level
  • A test of 100 multiple-choice questions, including :
    sequences, family trees, an unknown language, problems...with a time limit of 25 minutes.

Spatial reasoning

  • to evaluate intellectual mobility at a "spatial" level
  • A total test of 208 pieces of puzzle to use reproducing 19 different figures with a time limit of 12 minutes

Logical reasoning

  • To evaluate intellectual mobility at a "logical" level.
  • A test of 35 figures to find again in one large figure, shapes, first in the same position and then in various position, with a time limit of 35 minutes


Correction can be adjusted for 5 levels: end of year 8, end of year 10, A level, university, ultra high level.
The result is the average of the two best mark scored in the 3 tests. The candidate is ranked at the level of correction in a situation with 3 vectorial "tendencies":

  • People who can communicate: verbal / spatial
  • People who study and have imagination: verbal / logical
  • Practical, down-to-earth people: logical / spatial


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