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Since 1985 PROGICOM France is producer creator editor of psychotechnics tools and tests for :

  • Firms, societies
  • Schools adviser for Orientation
  • Psychologists Consultants for education
  • Adviser for the recruitment
  • Application and Psychological orientation institute
  • Several different others sectors with personality investigation and evaluation requested

They are became undeniable psychotechnics tools and tests for professional users about investigation of personality, for management of human resources and by the way : "The One" distinctive of references leader, by the users.

PROGICOM France is one principal headmaster tools among the others psychotechnics and psychometrics tools in five language.

PROGICOM France is distinguished between opposite tools by the creation "GRAPHOMETRIE" Expert System for handwriting analyse.

The only one in the world, the unrivalled tool for professional graphologists and grapho-analysts.

GRAPHOMETRIE has got The Award for the best recruitment tool by the "GOLDEN SOFT" by Promo Soft Jury
Progicom - Graphometry-Psychotechnics tools-Personnality tests