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PROGICOM France selling an original concept based on a complete solution for investor tested, with capacities recognized and with knowledge about human sciences education.

This concept allow somebody to answer in concrete terms for societies, firms, associations requirements, just after the beginning of activity.
With important possibilities for the treatment under powerful Expert System.
It's possible to evaluate quickly and reliable way a big number applications tests and find the means of doing the treatment.

This concept is an opportunity for a quiet relation investment on the market of evaluation, whatever the work may be, without the difficulties for the treatment.

Have you something to do ?
Have you a plan to advance your job ?

You are a professional from human resources manager or psychologist or headmaster with experience in human sciences ?
If you are interested contact us, for a pertinently demonstration and to study the profitability.

Progicom - Graphometry-Psychotechnics tools-Personnality tests